Victoria C.

Victoria C. is the lead brand of Settimocielo S.r.l., Fashion production company, based in Carpi (Mo)
Italy - Via G. Ferrari, 7 Victoria C. brand comes thanks to the Spaggiari sisters (Raffaela e Francesca) ladies fashion experience.
Today,this brand is constantly moving under the inspiration of various internal designers, under the selection and leadership of Raffaela, always hunting the new Italian either international trends.

The whole Victoria C. marketing concept naturally appeared from the product managers.
The Victoria C. sales team are devoted to collect any real and new born market request, on particular due to their great experience from various markets like Italia, Europe, Japan and USA, and keeping a straight contact with field contacts network.
Today’s market expectations lead to a daily international glamour style, and Italian made.

To match this trend, Victoria C. has been created, in order to create a 100% Italian made collections, with the right price/quality deal, special oriented to those retailers looking for an extra brand close to their own brand, with the same appeal, together with a very attractive price in order to bring customers ordering more frequently, thanks to our seasonal collections.
Those collections are also perfectly updated to continuous change and purchase habits faced by any retailers nowadays.

Results followed automatically this great vision.
Already from first collections deliveries, the shop Sell Out is really booming, and customers satisfaction is spread all around, bringing Victoria C. today to invest massively the social medias and social network, informing on regular basis Italian, european and other seas customers.

Victoria C. keeps on investing in his human ressources to satisfy and guarantee its growth.
Company is now willing to expand to new distributors and further partners, facing different markets, being receptive to specific markets requests, and trusting all local professionals willing to close partnership for a long term business relation.